Develop goals that align with corporate strategy

Inspire encourages individuals to take time to think about goal setting and how you are contributing to the bigger picture. By first aligning goals with corporate values. Next, determining whether the goal fits within your role. And lastly, aligning your goal to a corporate goal.

Set clear SMART Goals

A key component of planning and performance is setting clear goals through the SMART structure, which recommends establishing goals and that are Specific, Motivating, Attainable, Relevant and Trackable. Most organizations take the time to think through corporate goals because they have financial responsibilities. Leaders set goals because they must achieve that corporate strategy. As individuals, goals should be just as important because they determine priorities. Without goals employees lack a sense of wellbeing in the workplace because employees don’t know where they should focus their energy.

Collaborate on goals and share successes

Inspire software allows individuals to share goals across the organization increasing visibility on what is happening around the organization. The social sharing increases engagement and encourages employees to achieve their goals. As teams are becoming more important than hierarchy in organizations Inspire makes it easy for collaboration on team goals. Teams can track and measure goal progress as a team.


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