When excellence is the goal, Inspire is the solution.


Whether you or your team is looking to enhance productivity, encourage collaboration, or improve your leadership development programs, Inspire can help you get there.

For every member within your organization, we have tools that connect the entire organization to the same goals and values, while helping you measure every milestone.

Inspire software is designed to help you succeed at EVERY LEVEL of your organization.

Benefits to Every User

  • Build your leadership and development skills to enhance your career
  • Effectively manage goals and achievements through easy-to-use software
  • Interact with co-workers and gather meaningful insights for effective collaboration
  • Improve the relationship with your manager through continuous conversations on performance 
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HR Directors

  • Increase engagement and boost morale among managers and employees
  • Modernize performance management to establish clarity around goals and ensure effective measurements
  • Develop your leaders and make succession planning easy with built-in, proven leadership methods
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Helping Executives Succeed

  • Goal Tracking Align organizational and employee goals, and easily track and manage progress.
  • Visualize Progress Connect organizational strategy to execution data.
  • Increase Efficiency Increase companywide productivity and develop your workforce.
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Training Professionals

  • Create an affecting training program with measurable results
  • Sustain leadership training efforts, connecting leadership methods to real-life scenarios
  • Increase organizational productivity with effective leadership programs
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  • Provide an easy connection with your direct reports to help guide and support them to goal achievement
  • Quickly view dashboards and metrics to measure your team’s progress
  • Access leadership tips and wizards to guide conversations with direct reports
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  • Share team goals with ease by providing a single goal to an entire group or connect relevant individual goals together.
  • Understand how your team is performing in real time and quickly see where individual members may need additional support and encouragement.
  • Create accountability for team members with an open, transparent environment.
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