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Inspire Software, an integrated continuous performance management platform that creates leaders at all levels, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Paul Niven, an acclaimed management consultant, author, and noted speaker on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Balanced Scorecard, and strategy formulation — and his company

What does this mean for you? A lot.

This partnership gives you access to “best of breed” strategy, consulting, and software solutions — a winning combination for any organization looking to optimize OKR initiatives to deliver strategic results. “Software is an enabler, not a substitute for creating technically proficient OKRs and developing the governance structure necessary to ensure success,” Niven said. “Choosing Inspire Software as a partner was the natural choice because of their product, philosophy, and culture.”

With Inspire Software and, you get the best software, strategy, training, and support to ensure success with Balanced Scorecard, OKRs, and Continuous Performance Management (CPM). As a practitioner and consultant, Niven has developed successful strategy execution systems for organizations of all sizes in a variety of global industries, including Fortune 1000 companies, public sector, and nonprofit agencies.

“With our partnership, our clients can rest assured they are receiving the best of both worlds,” said Inspire Software CEO and founder Chris Wollerman. “Paul’s two decades of experience developing and field-testing tools and techniques with hundreds of clients, combined with our software, is a winning combination.”

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Because the two sides share the same underlying philosophy, their mutual clients will be able to better develop effective, technically sound OKRs, facilitate change management, and unlock strategic business value. Organizations wanting to find out more about putting this partnership to work to unlock strategic business value can schedule a complimentary feedback session about their current OKRs and opportunities to improve. Schedule an appointment today.

Executive Summary: The ABCs of OKRs

Are you looking to put OKRs to work for your organization? You need more than just the right software to realize the full value and achieve exponential business results.’s Paul Niven has written multiple books of OKRs and consulted with hundreds of companies. Download the executive summary of his e-book “The ABCs of OKRs” now! You’ll get an overview of what he knows and what you need to know about avoiding common pitfalls, developing effective strategies and objectives, and achieving the key results to move the needle in your organization.