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Leaders are not born, they’re made.

Inspire Software has created the formula you need to build leadership culture in your organization. Whether you need to:

  • Make your current leadership more effective
  • Build leaders to handle growth
  • Engage and motivate your employees with goals
  • Offer a transparent view into your company strategy

Inspire Software can do that. Our unique blend of traditional leadership methods combined with our cutting-edge leadership development software creates leadership possibilities throughout your organization!

Stop ignoring your Engagement, Productivity and ROI Issues. If you have these problems, there’s a simple, cost-effective fix.

Augmenting traditional programs with Inspire’s software for leadership development can boost:


…all while delivering measurable results and a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Inspire is a new way of working with proven leadership theories that enables your people to evolve into better leaders and propel the immediate retention and long-term growth of your organization. By incorporating world-class performance and productivity philosophies into a simple, streamlined software application, Inspire offers real-time access to the best leadership development training tools on any device. As a result, your workforce can stay focused on priorities, stay productive and achieve its goals with unprecedented efficiency.

Greater automation for…

Employee Engagement

Inspire is designed to help employees grow, allowing human resources executives to boost morale and increase retention.

Training Retention

Training managers can benefit from bringing sustainability to their programs, tracking the success of training initiatives and correlating specific tactics to productivity.

Organization Productivity

Our software for leadership development provides executives measurable results by aligning corporate goals and strategy.

Empowering people, creating leaders.

Inspire Software starts with you and your unique workforce. What works for one organization will not work for others. That’s why our tool starts with what makes you different: values and priorities.

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Specify Corporate and Individual Employee Values

  • Create and pinpoint the corporate values that guide company culture
  • Allow employees to identify their own professional and personal values
  • Align corporate and employee values in the system with ease
  • Drive visibility and transparency of corporate and individual priorities

Connect Values to Actionable Goals

  • Designate roles and clarify their specific functions
  • Increase employee-manager collaboration when defining roles
  • Identify role priorities to ensure higher project success
Software demo - tablet
Software demo - tablet

Relate Goals to Organizational Success

  • Encourage employees to establish SMART goals on their own or with a manager
  • Relate individual goals back to the overarching corporate strategy
  • Publicize and share successes through the company-wide dashboard

The Result? A new level of measurable success.

Inspire takes proven leadership development methodologies and translates them to real-life applications through a single platform. Graphs and progress bars make measuring the effectiveness of your leadership training, employee management and strategy execution as easy as a quick glance at the dashboard. And you can access your performance and goal data anywhere, anytime.

Stop breaking your budget into leadership development programs that are hard to measure and yield no measurable results. It’s time for an enterprise goal management solution that gives insights, analytics, accountability metrics and results.

Software demo - tablet

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