Goal Conversations Made Easy

One on One meetings don’t have to wait for calendar openings and schedule coordinations. With Inspire’s One on One interface, manager and employee alike can solicit and give feedback, set weekly goals, discuss daily tasks and brainstorm solutions for roadblocks. Performance isn’t set and forget, and Inspire helps make productivity natural and effective.

Integrate Leadership and Performance

Inspire gives organizations the flexibility to add their leadership content and philosophies into one centralized system. Meetings and performance conversations are more effective and aligned to organizational values under a common language.

Guide Employees and Achieve Goals

With Inspire, employees have clear expectations of their roles, requirements and desired outcomes. From in-person meetings to virtual conversations, employees and leaders are capable of setting and adjusting goals with ease. The organized transparency means nothing is lost in translation, and when misunderstandings do arise, the communication trail and solutions are easily found.


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