Leadership Genius

Customize your leadership program.

Our program is built for you. Leadership Genius’ comprehensive framework provides organizations with an integrated leadership approach to empower you to set your own individual goals to leading an entire organization. View the research behind our Leadership Genius Product. Based on the book Achieve Leadership Genius by Dr. Drea Zigarmi, Susan Fowler and Dick Lyles.

  • Study your DISC personality profile and guidance.

  • Customize personal and professional values.

  • Speak a common leadership language by assessing phases of performance.

Future-proof your leadership development plans.

How you lead depends on who, what, where and when you lead. The Leadership Genius is “baked into” Inspire Software, supercharging your learning and empowering you to implement proven leadership theories efficiently and immediately.

Leadership Genius is an integrated framework that allows for leadership across five leadership practices: Self, One-to-One, Team, Organization and Alliance.

Leadership for Self

Use your personality to prepare yourself for leadership. Graph your mindset and skill set to ensure success by better understanding your values, disposition and motivation. Your leadership style is as individual as you are. Use the Leadership Genius Self Module as the cornerstone of your leadership journey.

The One-to-One 

Create one-to-one relationships with your employees that allow them to use their own strengths and skill sets to produce incredible results. You’ll see your direct reports and be able to track their performance. You can use built-in conversation starters and performance management wizards to plan meetings and performance conversations. The Leadership Genius Insights allow you to address situations in real time to focus on the individual employee and help them accomplish their goals.

The Team

Managing a group with multiple personalities and work styles is a challenge every leader must face. Small groups, committees, task forces or complete teams can be managed better by understanding all the personalities, abilities and energy levels you must lead to success. Invite collaboration, conversation and enable your team to manage SMART goals toward successful outcomes. Inspire Software allows you to view goal progress and profiles via a simple to use dashboard, featuring at-a-glance metrics and progress.

The Organization

You set the direction, structure, and processes that align the efforts of many groups and individuals within the organization to achieve a common vision. While your leadership role is incredibly complex, you must respond to key changes quickly and efficiently. You need a transparent view into your company’s performance and leadership status at all times. Set your corporate values and goals and start managing to them immediately. Motivate teams and individuals with social features to recognize employees for goal progress and achievement.


Alliance Mode

Alliances can be formed between individuals, an individual and an organization, or two organizations to achieve long-term goals. Strategic alliances are created to obtain a significant advantage on an ongoing basis. Rely on networks and bilateral relationships that extend beyond corporate boundaries to achieve desired outcomes. The strongest alliances are powered by shared values and accountability, which Inspire Software allows you to see easily.

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