Align goals to corporate strategy

Inspire Software encourages teams to align their individual goals to the bigger organizational picture. Our tool establishes the link between specific roles and contributions to the corporate goals and values.

Set clear SMART Goals

The SMART structure of goal setting focuses on developing objectives that are Specific, Motivating, Attainable, Relevant and Trackable. Inspire facilitates SMART goal creation by allowing your team to collaborate on goal development while visually tracking action items, contributions and progress. Without goals, employees lack more than a sense of direction; they struggle to see their individual worth, lowering engagement and satisfaction. With structured goal setting through Inspire, your leaders establish goals that can be traced from corporate values down to individual and team tasks.

Collaborate and share successes

Inspire Software is all about transparency. The dashboard opens the curtain on each goal, task and their progress, ensuring visibility, increasing collaboration and making success a company-wide event. When reaching achievements is a team event, employees feel supported and motivated to remain engaged and productive. No matter the structure of your organization, Inspire makes it easy to track and measure goals as a team.


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