Feedback & Recognition

Feedback & Recognition

Real-time feedback that boosts engagement and morale


Celebrate Wins Together!

  • Feedback in real time
  • Collaborate with teams and managers
  • Recognition available to be viewed and given in News Feed of Goal Check-Ins and One-To-Ones.
  • Interactive Recognition Wall
  • Encourage transparency and alignment
  • Redeem for exciting rewards
  • Receive points, awards, fun badges or certificates
  • Give shout outs or recognize for goal progress
  • Enable overall platform engagement
  • Notifications of all your accomplishments

Reach employees where they are

Give a shout out for a job well done and encourage socialization through transparent recognition. Enable employees to celebrate their successes with the team and throughout the organization.

 Get Started

Recognition rewards

Create your own recognition programs with or without points to fit the needs of your company. Programs can also leverage our built in redemption process to turn achievements into rewards.

Stay informed

Collaborate real-time and with feedback, conversations and recognition within our easy to use 1-1 interface.

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