Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Build strong leaders through modern theory and applied learning
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Leadership that inspires at every level

Assess performance and respond to the needs of individuals, teams, and the organization in real-time. Learn, apply, and analyze leadership behaviors, effectively execute strategy, and develop next-generation leaders through a common language.

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Leadership Genius

Better Leaders, Better Results

Leadership Genius is baked into the Inspire platform and provides expert-backed learning and cutting-edge leadership theory to apply right into your flow of work.

The Leadership Genius framework integrates proven methodology across the five contexts: Self, One-to-One, Team, Organization, and Alliance.

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Best Practices for Strong Leaders

  • Leadership Benchmarking
  • Create SMART Goals and Effective OKRS
  • Conduct Effective Conversations
  • Respond to Real-Time Performance Needs
  • Assess Skills and Motivation
  • Continued Learning through Inspire Academy
  • Continual Performance Reviews
  • Use Leadership Genius or Your Own Leadership Curriculum