OKR Management

OKR Management

Better strategy execution through better goals.

Inspire a sense of accomplishment

OKR management facilitates better conversations and empower employees to take control of their own work. OKRs provide the framework, Inspire provides the tools to make it happen.

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Cutting-Edge Goal Strategy To Steer Performance:

  • OKR Goal-Setting
  • Benchmarking & Tracking Data
  • SMART Goal-Setting
  • Goal-Focused Conversations
  • Goal Execution
  • Timelines & Reminders
  • Vertical Goal Alignment
  • Horizontal Goal Alignment

Excellence through expertise

Goal management is critical to successful employee growth. Inspire has partnered with industry leaders to build our next-generation software.

Learn more about our exclusive partnerships and OKR coaching opportunities to get you started quicker.

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With Inspire you have at your fingertips perhaps the most comprehensive piece of software available in this field today, one that will serve as an essential companion on your strategy execution journey.”

Paul Niven

Global OKR Coach, Strategy Execution Consultant & Author