Performance Management

Continuous Performance Management

Continual conversations that engage and challenge

Performance management has evolved

The annual performance review is dead. Integrate individual and team goals or OKRs into the conversation on a more regular basis. Set benchmarks, track analytics, and keep communication flowing through meaningful One-to-One conversations all year long. Include more formal periodic self-assessments and appraisals while still keeping the process agile.

Get Started

Continuous One-To-One Check-Ins & Conversations about your Goals or OKRs

Collaborate and track progress in meaningful ways that integrate with the way work is done.

Performance Assessments & Appraisals that reference the One-To-One conversations along the way

Easy access to all conversations, collaboration moments and progress when reviewing and assessing performance.


Open Communication That Fosters Growth:

  • Engagement, Pulse and 360 Surveys
  • Feedback & Recognition Tools
  • Review Templates
  • Employee Self-Review
  • Integration with your favorite collaboration tools
  • Track and collaborate on your goals and OKRs
  • Goal Integration
  • Conversation Starter Templates
  • Team collaboration areas
  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Performance Assessments
  • Robust Planning Tools

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