Leadership Development Platform Strikes Exclusive Partnership with World-Renowned Consultant

Inspire Software is the Recommended Software Partner of Choice of Paul Niven, CEO and Founder of OKRs Training.

San Diego, CA — September 17, 2019 — Inspire Software has announced an exclusive partnership with Paul Niven, a globally renowned author and consultant who specializes in the subjects of Strategy, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), Balanced Scorecard, and Performance Management.

Niven has been published in well-known business journals, is the author of six highly acclaimed, internationally-selling books, and speaks at conferences around the world. After looking at many software solutions, Niven endorses Inspire for its superior capabilities. Inspire recently released a new version of its software aligned with Niven’s method of implementing OKRs. With a link to his proven practices, the software reinforces your knowledge, shortens the learning curve, and ultimately accelerates adoption.

Niven states that “Effectively implementing OKRs, Balanced Scorecard, or any Corporate Performance Management framework requires more than technically sound objectives and key results — you require the help of a software system that makes tracking, reporting, and analysis of your data easy and, most importantly, drives the conversations that lead to fresh insights and enhanced knowledge. It’s clear from your first introduction [to Inspire] that the system was built by people who actually use these frameworks and understand what it takes to bring them to life. With Inspire you have at your fingertips perhaps the most comprehensive piece of software available in this field today, one that will serve as an essential companion on your strategy execution journey.”

Chris Wollerman, CEO of Inspire says, “We are very excited to be working with Paul. We’ve been a big fan of his work for years while working with strategic goal execution because he emphasizes culture, vision, and great leadership that is consistent with our philosophy. He challenges companies to define why they are implementing OKRs, and to utilize a single system to provide one version of the truth for managing performance and execution. Through this great partnership, Inspire now provides a single framework to integrate strategic, team and individual OKRs; continuous performance management; and integrated learning with leadership development to assure a successful long-term implementation that strengthens employee engagement and culture.”

Inspire is sponsoring an OKR Champion Certification training in Austin, TX November 7-8. Learn more about OKRs and the training at Niven’s website okrstraining.com.

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Beth Thornton
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