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“For years, I’ve been interested in closing the gap between what people learn from my books, seminars, and workshops, and what they actually do with these ideas when they get back to the workplace. Inspire Software has finally bridged the gap between knowing what great leadership is and using it to influence great performance. This application will inspire individuals, teams, and organizations to Lead at a Higher Level and to Help People Win at Work!”

Ken Blanchard

Co-Author of Leading at a Higher Level and Helping People Win at Work

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The three pillars for success

It’s all about applying these three pillars integrated in to your flow of work:

OKR and Goal Achievement

Inspire helps people set SMART and motivational goals that are aligned to organizational strategy while elevating individual and team performance.

Performance Excellence

Inspire enables your organization to elevate performance through Collaborative Agreements, Continuous Conversations, and Agile Reviews.

Leadership Development

Inspire develops leadership in the flow of work through quality individual and team goal centric conversations, feedback, and recognition.

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The Complete Performance Solution

Aligned with best practices in goal management and leadership theory, Inspire Software is designed to optimize performance throughout your organization.

OKR and Goal Achievement

Inspire is designed according to best practices in OKR and Goal science to create transparency and improve performance throughout your organization.

Continuous Performance Management

High-quality coaching conversations, feedback and recognition help you support employee growth.

Applied Leadership Development

Develop your leaders through applied learning and coaching built into performance management.

Create a Culture of Performance Excellence

The best way to learn about our extensive platform is to speak with an Inspire expert. Whether you are just doing research right now or are looking for a full demo, we are here to help!