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Increase Productivity with Employees Who Lead

Inspire Software includes built-in leadership content, at-a-glance performance tracking and goal alignment for the individual, team, department and enterprise. We’ve combined the best in traditional leadership training with the transparency and simplicity needed for today’s workforce.

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Maximize Performance with Goal Tracking

Embedded Leadership Development Methods

OKR and SMART Goal Management


Leadership Intelligence Insights

Performance Management


Gain real-time access to your goals on virtually any device.

Define your values to pinpoint your highest priorities.

Plan weekly to make goal progress.

Name your roles to understand important relationships.

Set clear goals for easier goal execution.

The case for a greater concentration on leadership training.


billion dollars

are spent annually on traditional leadership development programs with training retention as low as 10% and no measurable impact on results.



of senior leaders say that disengaged employees are the biggest threat to their business, but only 12% are currently addressing engagement issues.

The 3


that impact business results the most:

Business leadershipPeople skills for managersHR performance

References: 1. McKinsey Quarterly, Jan 2014   2. Economist   3. Bersin

“For years I’ve been interested in closing the gap between what people learn from my books, seminars, and workshops, and what they actually do with these ideas when they get back to the workplace. Inspire software has finally bridged that gap between knowing what great leadership is and using it to influence great performance.”

Ken Blanchard Co-Author of The One Minute Manager and Helping People Win at Work

“Inspire software is an amazing breakthrough tool that helps individuals and leaders learn, apply, and analyze motivational behaviors that are essential for producing and sustaining meaningful and highly productive work.”

Susan Fowler, Author of Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work… and What Does: The New Science of Leading, Energizing

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