AI Driven Performance

Achieve Organizational Success with AI-Driven Performance Tools

Inspire Software’s AI-powered goal achievement and continuous performance management platform helps your people save time while achieving critical business outcomes. Create Corporate Strategy, set smarter goals and OKRs, and elevate performance through tailored AI-guided leadership. Help your organization thrive through intelligent software solutions on one platform. 

AI is essential to increase effectiveness and efficiency

Energize your organization with Inspire Software’s cutting-edge AI-powered performance management platform. Experience the thrill of saving precious time and increased effectiveness while propelling your business towards success. You can craft your corporate strategy, establish brilliant goals and OKRs, and experience a surge in performance with our personalized AI-driven leadership guidance. Embark on an exciting adventure with our inclusive, holistic software platform.

AI Capabilities

Corporate Strategy

Build Better Corporate Strategy and Corporate Goals/OKRs

 Inspire Corporate Strategy offers AI-powered tools that help leaders establish effective company strategies. Through our partnership with OKRsTraining.COM and author Paul Niven (OKRs for Dummies), we guide leaders in creating cohesive Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

Strategic Alignments

Inspire’s Alignment AI-tools align between organizational, department, team, and individual OKRs, ensuring everyone moves in the same direction. 

Objectives and Key Results

Inspire’s AI goal-setting tools help teams and individuals set and align critical business objectives with corporate strategy. 

Best Practices for OKRs

Inspire’s AI goal-setting tools improve the quality of OKRs by applying industry best-practices to establish qualitative objectives that describe business value and quantitative key results that are measurable. 

Continuous Performance Management

AI-assisted Performance Agreements that Establish Continuous Performance and Help Self-assess and Review Performance

Performance Agreements

Establish AI-assisted performance agreements that dynamically adapt to changes in corporate strategy and team objectives, saving individuals and leaders valuable time to ensure a successful performance cycle. 

Continuous Performance

AI-powered prompts and agendas can improve productivity in 1:1 collaboration between leaders and individuals. Elevate these conversations with leadership theory and AI insights for better feedback. 

Performance Self-Assessments

Take the dread out of Performance Assessments with AI-powered tools that help individuals effectively assist employees in assessing and discussing their performance during a performance cycle. 

Performance Reviews

AI-enabled performance reviews reduce bias while providing actionable insights for career development. This improves the quality of leader input while saving critical time when constructing multiple performance reviews. 

Create a Culture of Performance Excellence

The best way to learn about our extensive platform is to speak with an Inspire expert. Whether you are just doing research right now or are looking for a full demo, we are here to help!