Supporting Modules

A Holistic Solution to Develop a Culture of Excellence

Inspire is more than just an OKR and Performance Management software. We’ve designed a full suite of tools to help support the strategy execution and elevate performance through supporting modules.


Support Module Solutions


Inspire enables your organization to pursue what matters most through a planning module that is built on best practices in modern time management while integrating with MS Outlook™, G-Suite™ tasks and calendars, and most other task management software.


Inspire enables leaders and employees to collaborate more effectively through quality conversations, feedback, and recognition that are supported by best practices in leadership and motivation science.


The Inspire Recognition platform enables your organization to celebrate great performance in your organization through monetary or non-monetary recognition that are aligned with best practices in motivation science.


Inspire Academy was designed to bring your organization’s learning needs and initiatives into one place, allowing employees at every level of your organization to learn and apply business best practices into the flow of work.


The Inspire Values module enables organizations to actively promote the core values of the organization, while developing and aligning individual employee values during the pursuit of personal and organizational goals.


The Inspire Roles module enables your organization to improve the onboarding and continual development of your employees, while allowing your organization to align individuals and teams to goals that matter to both the employee and the organization.


Inspire Dashboards allow individual and leaders to visualize data in a way that helps them pursue objectives more effectively and enable the company to develop and pivot strategy in real time.


Inspire helps leaders keep track of high performers and enables coaching opportunities for those who may need coaching for quality performance through a 9-Box philosophy and tool.


Inspire Reports enables deeper insight into critical organizational initiatives, giving leaders the information they need to help employees develop autonomy in their roles while remaining accountable to the needs, norms, and strategy of the organization.

Create a Culture of Performance Excellence

The best way to learn about our extensive platform is to speak with an Inspire expert. Whether you are just doing research right now or are looking for a full demo, we are here to help!