Inspire Software | Blanchard Authorized Partner

Inspire + Blanchard

Inspire is a proud channel partner with Blanchard, one of the world’s most recognized leadership development providers in the world. Through Blanchard’s comprehensive leadership development curriculum, Inspire enables you to develop leaders in the flow of work. The partnership between Inspire and Blanchard serves as a link to connect the knowledge of good leadership with the application to practice outstanding leadership across your organization.


Inspire offers a variety of On Demand leadership courses that can be experienced through the Inspire Learning Library.


Inspire enables you to create SMART Goals, diagnose performance, and have practical leadership conversations aligned with the Blanchard curriculum.


Inspire’s cutting-edge AI technology enables leaders across your organization to check in on goals, assess motivation, deliver performance pulse surveys, and develop leadership intelligence through collaboration aligned with Blanchard’s theory.


Based on the leadership data you produce within Inspire, through Blanchard’s best practices, Inspire enables you to analyze and coach leaders across the organization to grow leadership skill sets and ensure your organization continually leads at a higher level.

Create a Culture of Performance Excellence

The best way to learn about our extensive platform is to speak with an Inspire expert. Whether you are just doing research right now or are looking for a full demo, we are here to help!